About Deicors

DEICORS is a versatile Home Improvement company specializing and offering complete Fitted Interiors solutions to the Interior & Construction Industry for many years, exclusively serving the Architects, Construction Companies, Builders & Property Developers at both commercial & residential levels, meeting their full demands in all aspects of the trade.

We offer very high unbeatable quality, which is second to none in the market, huge choice-more than anyone in the UK, project management services, all accompanied by extremely reasonable prices.


“Concept to Completion…All Under one banner”

You’ll benefit from our exclusive ranges, a fully inclusive service, and incredible savings on our products including top-brand appliances and accessories. In fact, with deicors you won’t have to compromise on quality, service or choice to make your well deserved new project affordable.

From the first visit by our project managers to the last Quality Control Survey, we efficiently & professionally deal with every phase of the project cycle.

Our Vision:

“Making home improvement projects affordable for everyone without compromising on Quality, Choice & Service”.

Everyone deserves uplift in their lifestyle every now and then, but inflated market prices and adverse economical conditions do not allow them to, thats where we come in…

It’s Simple…

“Your satisfaction is our success”

Our Pride

“Voted the Best quality & price in the UK by our clients.”

Deicors is one of the UK’s leading and fastest-growing Home Improvement Company offering all aspects of your home under one banner. We are the pioneers of a lot of good ideas and practices, which we have introduced in the industry and it is due to our wealth of experience and complete understanding of this huge industry that our brand is expanding every year and we have achieved a considerable standing in the trade.