Free Totally Bespoke Design and Planning

Professional Site Survey

Having accurate measurements in hand and identification of vital factors affecting the plan is of extreme importance in any project and is the starting point. If the start is wrong, it will severely affect the upcoming stages of the project and you will not be able to achieve what you originally aimed for which will be a waste of your hard-earned money, valuable time, and efforts.

Keeping this in mind, our experienced Project Managers physically attend all the sites and carry on the survey as it should be; making all the necessary notes and taking all the measurements needed to produce your error-free Design & Plan. At this stage, they also advise / notify you or your contractor for all the necessary supplementary works like electrics and plumbing positions, etc needed to be done to make the plan workable.

Computerised Design & Planning

No more paper planning or hand drawings like other companies. At Deicors design and plan of your dream Fitted Kitchen, Fitted Bedroom, Bathroom, Study room or Living room will be created using one of the most advanced Design and Planning CAD software to minimize planning errors and to give you a photo-realistic picture of your future project before it’s even delivered and fitted.

All our experienced project managers alongside with dedicated Design & Planning Dept contribute their professionalism and experience to bring the most user friendly, practical & appropriate plan of your project under consideration keeping all the laws and regulations in their mind.

Bespoke Plan & Design… Free of Charge

General practice in the trade is that you will not be given your Plans unless and until you place the order, even though the plan has been merely made on market standard sizes and colors.

At Deicors, Creativity and the utmost attention to the details is essential and this shows in all our projects. For this reason, we simply hand over your plans to you so you may go out and explore the market and eventually can appreciate our monopoly in the industry in what we do.

Safety First

Our Client Care Department will send you a confirmation prior to your appointment for the date and time and for your security reasons mentioning the name/s of the project manager/s attending your premises.


Presentation at your ease

To save your valuable time, and for your comfort, our qualified, experienced, and friendly Project Managers bring all the catalogs, samples of Doors, Carcasses, Worktops etc right to your door step so that you can make an informed decision and literally see, analyze and appreciate the quality before you go ahead.