Free Itemised No Obligation and Unbeatable Quotation

Just like our incomparable Plans & Designs, we are so confident in our product’s quality and unmatchable services that we give out fully itemized quotations for all our projects. Unlike others where you will only be handed out a summary of the quotation and the full quotation will only be released once you put down a deposit.

Furthermore, all our prices are centrally controlled from Head office, who carefully and constantly monitor all the factors affecting the prices on a daily basis like Currency Exchange rates, Freight charges, Inflation rates affecting parts and materials, etc to make sure that our clients pay only what’s fair and are not overcharged at any stage.

All our quotations are not negotiable until and unless agreed by management.

Also unlike the normal trend in the market, our project managers are salary based and do not work on commission basis. They are rewarded by the bonuses for completing the projects satisfactorily, on time and in the given budget guide lines by our clients. These working practises make sure that no project is over charged and no extra item has been accounted for which is not needed.

This perfectly explains why our prices are so reasonable and affordable than our competitors.